Saturday, 13 July 2013

Holiday's End

Holiday’s End
I always thought that in life, we were bound to a small fenced portion of a field, the dimension of the isolated area being the space provided for the individual within to enact his actions throughout his lifetime. My metaphor for life also contains an alternate side, that being the existence of a gate that allows for one to escape the boundaries placed upon us in life, providing a salvation higher than that which is thrived by the various clerical groups that inhabit  this blue sphere, the treasured mother of all life, the rare producer of the building blocks to the greenery that holds the spike furred minimally sized squatters of the shelters for the urban based sapiens, be these shelters derelict and prone to collapse with the smallest cyclone, or refined architecture that can withstand a hurricane beyond that of the historical Hurricane Charlie, and the towering bearers of tusk and ivory, whose body yields the economic potential that pushes men to abandon the simplest of morals.
Heh... Of course to call our sphere greenery would be nothing more than a cruel joke and even worse so to call it the sweet mother who provides her offspring with the basic resources for existence. I see green, but it is isolated and surrounded with vast sheets of brown. I see life, but it is of sapiens whose primal instincts act as a boon with regards their survival, but who is it that pays the price for their savage acts? It is others who wish to survive in a world where the particular dreams of riches and success are reduced to nothing more than those mindless husks that lie in the haze created by the astronomical humidity of a summer with holiday plans replaced by escaping from the traitors, the defected and the already devolved whose actions when the life in which one could participate in social events alongside others, was still in existence, beg for a name far more fitting.  The driver for these people was always different extremes which ranged from the excruciating desperation on their part from the cessation of comfort and security, to an agenda that was based upon the general debates that occurred within a system in which the supposed shepherds for the flocks that resided within the fenced areas. I question the purpose of this agenda, for politics and democracy ceased to exist when events beyond that of human technology and ability to adapt, caused the system to collapse like the various high rise buildings that are caught within the clutches of a debacle conflict between the complex beings that erected those towering headstones in the first place. These beings persistently fight from the point in which the morning sun rises and reaches its peak, to the hour in which the sun casts darkness among one of the hemispheres, starving the various crops of sunlight, but that makes little to no difference now as events seen from the numbers of men and women who are branded various names, wound the moisture laden soil and deprive the life forms of the planet of something that is held at the top of the hierarchy of desires and importance. Without this resource the various life forms abandon their once thoughtful way of life and caked their eyes with the dust of instinct, blinding them to the pains of others caused by the new regime of the puppet goldilocks planet along with the suffering that they cause by their own hands. Even those who are able to retain their sense of humanity along with remaining able to judge right from wrong, they still blindfold themselves in the event of an action being performed that brings about the possibility of another being hurt in the long term. Rationalisation consumes their mind as they find an excuse for their actions. Even with intentions that are golden for others, their action alone is one that can be dictated as evil. The world knows no good, only evil, as evil as the black devil my eyes set upon each red dawn, going against my wishes for it to disappear, it remains static at the grimy window that I look upon as I reflect on events within my former occupation, within the safe haven of the processing plant for the young whose future is the true vacuum of the universe, it is nothing, it is void.
My former occupation is that of a student going through a course for Psychology, this course being done for the purpose of becoming a psychologist and helping those who have dived down into the darkness that obscures the future. Following the summer as I remained in my Campus Based Accommodation at Trinity I became a disappointed child as I witnessed the world collapse around me for reasons unknown to me at the time. The disappointment stemmed from my hopes and dreams being crushed by the onset of a most harrowing time for myself and possibly the human race as a certain event involving the world’s food supply allowed for the Extremist Republican Devils that base themselves upon old, dead ideologies, to launch a campaign of violence against the people and the leaders of the flock, whose power frails as the hours from the onset pass. I always questioned the political intentions of this group of blind soldiers for “politics” was no longer on the table for the foreseeable future, although I don’t rule out the possibility that the vigilante group is seeking to employ itself as the leader of a Dictatorship that they seek to instil upon an island surrounded by seas that gladly deliver precipitation that drowns the seeds that bring about the birth of the precious resource that is to be consumed either by the humans or by the creatures that are to be thrust into oblivion such that their physical body can be used for the nourishment of the human beings.  Reports being thrust onto the various papers in the typical News Agents, the televised media on the various channels that provide the news of events around one’s county or the world itself to an audience seeking information that has been filtered based on the intentions of the media and on the world wide web that a large proportion of the world utilizes every day, either for pleasure or for business or work. The reports on these various Medias often document this group’s actions throughout the years. The Vigilantes are often subject to a number of insults from my companions and jokes from others which are based on their ideologies with some people questioning as to whether or not their minds are in the modern world at all. However there was also the person who feared this group and hoped that it would never make an appearance in this urban city populated by headstones of spectacular heights that mark empty graves, and we hoped that they would just continue their blind campaign of violence in the North. Unfortunately those hopes were dashed away like the hopes of the now diseased generation.
The humidity and temperatures cast a haze across the sky, gradually turning it from its pale afternoon blue to its dead, thunderous grey. Sweat running all over the body along with the heavy air brings about implications for the approach of a violent storm. I could feel the instability building up. It was only a matter of time before a violent storm would spawn a pandemonium of flashes and loud bangs mixed with piercing rainfalls. I remember sitting in my apartment with Susan and William watching RTE news five days prior to this day of instability. The reporter documented concerns for the countries that are dubbed the breadbaskets of the world for strange weather regimes play the part of the villain bringing about inconveniences for the various men and women from these “Bread Baskets” who try to work and produce the materials for nourishment and survival.  It is with these difficulties that the reporter continues on with talks of food prices spiking astronomically along with worries about those who come from the lower portions of the social hierarchy who have been struggling to get food into their bellies even without these new developments. As the days passed nobody really thought much about what was heard on the news, this partially includes me, but even then I was worried for even at home agriculture from the summer containing piercing rains three or four times a week, either from severe thundery showers or from amazing cold fronts that weren’t even products of the famed Spanish Plume. Damage to agriculture at home is also piled on top of the structural damage from the famous storms of July 18th 2013 and August 1st 2013 which brought severe flooding to all provinces of the country which resulted in a number of deaths which was amazing seeing as this was the first modern storm in Ireland that caused multiple people to lose their lives, closing down of all roads, economic stagnation, a country wide blackout due to the floods and the thunder and lightning and finally severe damage to houses, shops and other businesses; a massive proportion of the population were displaced from their homes. With these factors considered, Ireland at this point was now a net importer which dooms everyone to oblivion straight away when it comes to the rising food costs and this is evident as the days of the calm lead up to the large storm. The evidence of the lead up was right in front of our faces when we took a trip to Taillight on the Saturday and saw that within the various supermarkets there are shelves left barren which gave the supermarkets the appearance of small shops that are clearing away their goods as their economic viability declines day by day. Some equate this to the increase in costs for importing food, but Susan, a friend, stated that a blog that she reads that talks about this particular subject had said that food supplies have run dangerously low and that there is the chance that there is no food to import and that was a harrowing thought which made me anxious about the coming days, but two students from the college, Lucy and Dermot, gave me a word of optimism as they denounced the site calling is “Alarmist Hogwash” and stating that the lack of food in the supermarkets are equated only to the state of the economy along with the problems in the Bread Baskets of the world. Even my lecturer, the only one who gives his first name; that being Kane, was optimistic about the world’s ability to produce food when he forced me to express my anxieties to him when my face was painted with fear, anxiety and hopelessness. I was reassured, but that would change on the following day, the childish title of Terrible Tuesday, can be seen as a suitable title, even if it does downplay the upcoming events.
The day of high humidity and atmospheric turbulence translated into the pressure that was building up with riots occurring in various counties as people loot various shops for whatever food exists as people with a large amount of money see the shelves becoming more barren day by day and the people without money feel the vile acid becomes the magma chamber of their bodies as they get the feelings of the acid beginning to make an exit from their bodies as prices for basic products jump. It was that day in which we would bear witness to these riots as the rain begins to fall. It falls as drizzle at first, barely making a sound as it falls, creating a hideous tranquillity, but a downpour commences and the disastrous scene commences with people breaking into various shopping complexes around the city and near the campus, breaking into other people’s homes and fighting each other or other people for whatever they seek. Almost like a painting one gets the full impact of the scene when they see it in reality. So much confidence put in the chances that the scene of people wails, people turning against each other and acts of violence being committed from one side of the street to the other, would just remain something that would be seen on the televised media and nowhere else. William, Susan and I rest in our dorm room during the late Tuesday morning and look out the window and set our sights among the chaos, being thankful for the fact that there is nothing going on within the campus, although it is possible to hear the fearful clambering of other students in the halls. The situation was about the change however and it would go against our favour as not only did the sounds of students screaming in fear as the chaos leaked into the school, but a vile force began to flood the city, extending the violence that was already quite severe. The Republicans, those parasites seem to have finally spread far East enough to show themselves in this city that is already devolving into chaos and almost like a child wanting to join in a game with his friends, these madmen extrapolate the chaos, bringing in the horizontal rain sourced from the equipment that they carry that pierces the human body, wounding a man or women and bringing about the potential to end the lives of those men and women. Not only did these men wield the voices of death for their resolve against the people that they viewed as traitors to their ideals, but with them they brought the terrible devices that creates destruction with a fire that carries blistering heat and a power that breaks apart the cityscape as though it was the carboniferous sedimentary rock that is faced with currents whose valley forces them to impale the limestone with its amazing speed coupled with the alkaline nature of the rock. The sound also carried by these devices send the drummers of the inputs for sound into chaos which causes an everlasting set of waves that generates a stream of pain whose life lasts even when the sound has expired.
There is extreme commotion that goes on within the building which piles down on top of the chaos that ensues around the city that worsens when I hear the group of Republicans using brute force in order to gain entry into some of the rooms that contained many young people. There was also the sound of glass shattering which is either the sound of the desperate that are driven by adrenaline to escape a certain fate or if it could be the tactic of offense that the mindless soldiers are using the corner the students whose blood increases in speed as fear builds up in the processor that controls the movement of the blood within the calm veins and the turbulent arteries. The turbulence increases as we hear footsteps nearing our door which prompts William to run to the door and lock it which would allow us to be safe for a period of time, but the duration of the safety was a bone of contention. William, Susan and I stand near the door and listen for anyone attempting to kick it down. Susan knew that standing here would be pointless for she was the one who demanded for everyone to do something, however none of us knew what to do in this situation for we were practically cornered with our only exit being the apartment door, but with the Republicans flooding into the apartment and trying to gain access into the dorm rooms populated by students, the doors may as well be the entrance to a chasm of undetermined depth. This predicament only worsened as the knob on the door began to turn and voices somewhat obscured by the door making it difficult for the sound to reach us, coming from outside. These tone of these voices was that of the murderer playing the part of a loving mother at first, trying to coax us out gently, but as time passed there was anger in the voice and along with this anger came the action of physically attacking the door with the chances of breaking it down and gaining access into this room. William began biting his finger at this stage and he began pacing, like a man whose family member was brought into hospital after some terrible accident, and it was at that point that William looked out the window and thought about the shattering glass along with setting his sights on the various students running through the campus. It was from that point he faced us and said; “it’s possible to escape from these men, but it’s extremely risky and it puts us in more danger”.
Susan and I shared a similar opinion to William who moved his eyes in the direction of the window and while it is easily agreeable that jumping out the window is extremely risky, there was a better chance of us surviving out on the campus, than in the small flat with a number of men driven either by ideals from time’s past or just the basic desire to show that they are the main power in this world and there is nothing anyone can do to oppose it. As the banging and threats at the door persisted we got prepared for our escape. Thankfully our room was situated on the first floor of the accommodation and thus there was no reason to be wary about any damage being sustained from the fall as it would either be minor or nonexistent. The door begins the groan with the pressure being put on it from outside and this prompts quick action from Susan and she jumps through the window, landing on a patch of grass, whether or not it softened the fall is unknown to me. William and I soon followed Susan and once we landed on the grass, what surrounded us made me freeze in absolute shock and fear as we no longer knew what course of action to take. I wanted to act in a way that would get us to somewhere that was somewhat safe, but the deafening explosions and gunshots along with the torrent sourced from the skies made it difficult to think or act in a manner that would allow us to make our escape. It seems Susan and William were in the exact same state as I was, but we couldn’t just stand there in awe as the scene for it wouldn’t be long before the gunshots become more than just sounds that freeze the timid and break those at the edge of panic.
We eventually left the patch of grass and tried to make a break for the entrance of the campus which would allow us to escape into the main part of the city, but during our run there were men who caught sight of us and we had to take a different route in order to become hidden, at least until they forget about us for what was there to lose from letting three college students live. During our escape to a number of nearby bushes for the purpose of staying hidden we noticed a large number of students who were running and trying to take the same route as William, Susan and I. It was like looking at cattle that were eager to enter the slaughterhouse to be made into the products that formerly fed a number of the seven billion human beings on this planet. We were called over to that group as it progressed forward; the source of the voice calling us over was one of the lecturers at the college who was named Kane who appeared to be leading the group out of the campus and into the city. Seeing no real option on our own Susan, William and I joined the group. It was difficult to recognise any of the other students among the large herd of sapiens, but some members I could name, those being Michelle, Gary, Ike, Isaac and Kyle. All though there was a certain joy to be felt when being a part of a large group of people that one can easily trust I personally felt quite weak with regards my confidence for I was a part of lowly students who were not equipped physically to deal with the trek to whatever location is going to be present at the end of this blind sprint to nowhere and my confidence wavers even more as this trek proceeds as we approach the entrance. It is possible to hear people expressing negative opinions to each other, stating that we were practically lambs leading themselves to the slaughter. It is unknown to me if it was the case, but a number of students stopped and placed their heads beneath the guillotine. The large number of students made it difficult to determine whether their deaths were intentional or if they experienced shortness of breath. Not only was there a case of people becoming short of breath, slowing down and being left behind, but there was also the situation that fills the heart to the brim with fear which was the gunshots that were raining down upon us from various directions and all we could really do was try to run a particular pattern which would make it difficult for the bullets to make contact with our bodies for being wounded would only slow us down and cause us to be left behind, left alone with no knowledge of what direction to take in order to escape the vast expanse of death and annihilation. The worst case scenario was that a bullet would pierce the head and bring about the cessation of one’s life and it was this possibility that must have been on the mind of the herd as it progressed.
Despite the stroke of luck we had when exiting the campus of UCD through its main entrance, there was no calm as we progressed through a pandemonium of crumbling buildings, prominent explosions and gunfire and looking at our friends as their breath fails them, the piercing rain makes contact with their bodies or they are annihilated by the insane men. Running in the middle of the road to avoid being cut by the shattering glass, such an action would be foolish, but the chaos with regards cars colliding with each other had concluded, running through parks for their spacious environments and goading ourselves through air poisoned by smoke from fires and debris from a cityscape wounded by the hand which gave it life. I remember seeing Michelle slow down as we made our way through the city clouded in a fog of smoke and she stood there coughing, it seems she was unable to run and from that point on, when I took another glance back at her, gunshots ran through her body with more aimed at the herd I was with which had ended the lives of Kyle, Ike and approximately forty of the other students whose names were not known and whose faces were likewise. Ignoring the other students I kept my eyes focused on Michelle and the bullets run through her stomach, legs and neck, impairing her movement and bringing her chances of living to zero, but even then it seems like she tried to run as the blood ran from her wounds, she tried to catch up, but she was unable to do so and finally she lied down, but this time she didn’t get up, she had joined the others. This made me stop and almost forced me to run back to her, but Susan had grabbed me and yelled; “what on earth are you doing, come on”, and grabbed my hand in order to pull me into the group.
When we eventually reached Phoenix Park we stopped running and took a break for a short amount of time for the life span of the break would not be adequate to suit the amount of time that matched everyone’s preference, even if the park was successful in creating the illusion of safety in the eyes of the young men and women who hold their chests, rest their hands on their knees and kneel on the grass, as they inhale and exhale, filling the balloons long flat, with the dense particulate stained air. The durability of the human body is almost admirable as the hacking and coughing students stand in the eye of the storm with their bodies worn down to derelict robes, their lungs starved of oxygen, marking their demands for the resource through the nervous system, generating pangs in the chests of the many adolescents and the single adult, and their limbs on the brink of collapse as our desperation puts the pressure of Venus down upon them to amplify our forward movement for the purpose of escaping the city, escaping the debris, escaping the madness, escaping the fire, escaping death.
The park was nothing more than a quiet small patch of green in the midst of the melody of gunfire, explosions, sirens, crumbling buildings, and the tension constantly building in the atmosphere causing explosions whose visual impacts are seen in an instant, forming malevolent tears in the atmosphere that have the ability to bring about a frightening conclusion to one’s life. It is in this park that we all rest whilst hacking, coughing and hoarsely breathing. The sound of everyone’s breathe, including my own, mark the wounds that have been accumulated from our escape, the hoarse breathing almost creates a stinging sensation, like there are a number of cuts within my neck, my nerves cry that the cuts increase in amount and severity as I take each breath. Only water can heal these wounds, but there was none to be provided from our inventory and the water accumulated from the humidity born storm is not adequate for consumption. The wounds in our throats persist and although our stop in Phoenix Park bought us some time to rest and allow our limbs and lungs to recover, we were in a very poor condition and if we tried to repeat our initial strategy of running until we find a location that can provide safety, then most, if not all us were likely to meet our end, unless Kane actually had a plan for what direction we would take from here. In fact Kane would have to express what he had planned for this small group of students immediately as numbers demanding what we should be doing next, rose and the majority of them were aimed at Kane. A small number of the group also put forward their own suggestions which include holding out in one of the buildings in the area, particularly those that are within the blind spot of the locust swarm that devours everything in its path, encompassing it in a plethora of bullets and fire, while some others thought it would be best to seek sanctuary outside of the city as the population of the city is high and prone to severe riots, even after the storm eventually comes to a halt. Kane agreed with the latter opinion, stating that we should all head to a small town or an area out in the countryside, somewhere with a low to moderate population size along with an area that mainly carries those who have managed to hold onto their humanity, even with civilisation grasping onto the cliff with volatile waves threatening to undercut the fragile landform that it grasps onto. Kane’s suggestion was supported by many, but proved to be controversial to others as some questioned our destination with regards the small town we would go to, although some members were wholly against the idea, questioning its value due to the recent heavy rains rendering the soil in the countryside as useless as the western gleys along with comparing the small towns to the city we presently see ourselves in. The eldest student of the group, Isaac, said; “the population of a town does not determine the amount of danger that can be found within them for even a town with a minimal population can pose huge risks, especially if you take into consideration, the fact that you’ll never know when a looter or a thug might hop one of you guys in the friendly small town of Wexford which is supposed to be safe as you mentioned before”. “You should also take into consideration that we now have the IRA destroying everything around us”, he added. “So who can say that a small town is likely to be a safe haven when it is likely to hold hidden dangers and I doubt the IRA are likely to lea-““So staying in a city that is literally crumbling beneath our feet is a better idea than trying to escape and finding a place that is at least somewhat safer than this ruin”? Kane interrupted with a certain amount of ferocity as he uses his hand gestures with above the average strength and when he was using hand gestures, his limbs were shaking, either from the exhaustion of the running and the present debate or the stress that is being exerted on him from the hell that surrounds us, gradually closing in. He knows that he must bring this argument to a close before the group is trapped with nothing to do, but to throw ourselves into the abyss. Unfortunately while Susan, William, myself and others agreed with Kane, there were others who agreed with Isaac who tried to further construct his argument for holding out in the city through further noting the dangers that are hidden in small towns along with questioning what small town we would go to and what we would do at that small town. Others backed up this argument, saying; “yeah Kane, where are we supposed to go and what are we supposed to do”? “I highly doubt that there is anywhere else for us to go for all we know, the whole of Ireland could be gripped in this madness and thus there is nowhere to run”. Isaac then took the lead again and said; “it is not just this city that is crumbling beneath our feet, it is the whole country, you heard on the news how this was building up, how violent Republican Revolutions have been popping up all over the place, slowly, but surely advancing east”. “We cannot just run, hide and hope that the new power that is amongst us will eventually disintegrate, in fact we should be dormant and when the time is right we should strike back at these men, it is the only solution”, Isaac concluded. Kane looked about as shocked as I was upon hearing Isaac’s argument for staying in Dublin and he looked as though something that was bottled up was about to release itself in a violent eruption of points which were likely to be expressed violently and this eruption almost occurred, but it was halted by Susan who had unleashed a wave of anger and contempt upon Isaac which had the group walking back from her in fear. She focused her anger on the ending of Isaac’s statement about the group fighting back against the force that was ripping the city around us apart, her words were; “Have you lost your mind!?” “We hardly have the numbers, let alone the resources to fight against them”. “You have to be absolutely crazy to think, not even suggest, that there is even a wilted plant of a chance of us succeeding in a bootless fight against the IRA who, for the record, are a large group of armed maniacs whose demands you either submit to, or you lie on the ground with parts of your brain spattered around you”. “They are maniacs as you say which is why if we make ourselves hidden, we can utilise our mental strengths and outsmart these men”, Isaac pointed out as Susan stared at him in annoyance for the fact that he had interrupted her and by the look of her facial expression, his interruption was going to be the subject of her anger, but Kane put his hand on her shoulder and said; “Susan relax, and Isaac your suggestion is nothing more than foolish for the circumstances are as described by Susan”. “The present world is dominated by Social Darwinism; our intelligence is of no concern in relation to the final outcome, for example if you look around you, you see nothing , but destruction, nothing but chaos with men running around equipped with devices that can easily end the life of anybody who they feel is a threat to them, regardless as to what their strengths are, what they are capable of or what they hope to do for the men with these devices can bring those who are helpless down into submission or they can erase the unarmed all together”. “So if you are confident that your plan will work, then by all means go ahead with it, but just so you know, you and whoever carries this out alongside you lack arms and thus unless you have some full proof plan that cannot and will not fail that is associated with your idea of fighting against the IRA, you are just thrusting yourself into the death with open arms”. Susan’s anger and Kane’s statement left everyone silent with shock, even Isaac who was quite keen to take apart Kane’s plans to leave the city earlier.
The short silence that followed was one that was periodically broken up by mutters sourced from those who looked upon the dark oversaturated grass, glancing at each other as their eyes change their orientation within their rounded confinement, showing the people around me either trying to send silent messages to one another. Others just look at the two figures that face each other. They look at them, wondering whose bodes well for their survival. They are cut between the knowledgeable lecturer who suggests abandoning the broken remains of the former utopia and setting out to find an area whose carrying capacity has not been compromised by madness or the new developments of the world, although the young student who proposes hibernating in buildings that have undergone severe decay that has been artificially enhanced by the storm, whose  end brings about the onset of a storm of our own which seems feasible in the televised media in which success in the face of impossible odds is dictated by what is written down on paper, is of the opinion that with the mass metamorphoses of the lively productive brown earths into the drowned gleys and the existence of the military regime that appears to be setting itself up, negates the adequacy of escape and searching for another location and that only hibernation and retaliation are feasible steps to take. The author of the latter proposal had taken a long breathe and was about to speak his mind, but he was suddenly interrupted by the sound of gunshots flowing in, barely scraping some of the young students who scattered like a flock of sheep. Kane shouted for people to follow him as he made a northward dash in hope that it would bring himself and whoever accompanied him, out of the park and toward the path that would allow the group to make a hasty escape from the city with little to no damage. While most had responded to Kane’s commands and followed suite, however most others, like Isaac, Gary and five others just scattered and ran in different directions to each other, with Gary and two others following Isaac who had called for others to follow him.
I couldn’t really count how many people accompanied us with accuracy, but there were about fourteen of us running with Kane leading the escape. This run however was extremely painful as hoarse breathing could be heard from left to right and hidden cries that beg for the end of this trek that strains the wounded bodies that are just hanging on the edge of collapsing. The collapse did not eventuate as many began to slow down before trying to catch up before finally being lost, their fate left uncertain, but death or worse was probable. Kane decided to change the course east as we ran on the road with repressed greenery on either side of us that blends into patterns of disorganised curvilinear lines, the colours of the dark green of the wet grass, the yellow from the frail leaves that couldn’t even develop to their full potential during the spring which was dull and dreary, just like the earth now as the flowers stick their heads into the green flames as they wilt and decompose, consumed by the soil in its desperation to gain minerals and remain productive.
Upon reaching the urban grey again, the fragility of my body took its toll and I just collapse from exhaustion, landing on the concrete, whose jutting grikes fail to produce, even minor irritation as my body makes contact with the hard ground whose grey tint strengthens as the organism blocking the light moves towards the ground, unable to run and unable to move, no more force. I close my eyes as I join the dead, unwillingly, but something that must be accepted, for there was no fighting the inevitable now as my body had lost all of its energy and when I can at least move again, the flock of sheep guided by the shepherd will no longer be within my sights and I will be all alone in the midst of the chaos, alone, vulnerable and exhausted, open to those who wish to bring about the cessation of the lives of others. However my pessimism appears to have been misguided as Susan grabs me and tries to help me manoeuvre through the streets towards an exhausted group of teens who hack and cough and mark their demands to Kane as to what they should do along with complaining about their exhaustion. Some even considered the situation hopeless and that this might be the end of the road. Stuck with no other option Kane told everyone to enter an anonymous building whilst beckoning for Susan and I to heighten our pace towards the group entering the building, the type of building it was, was unknown to me, but from what I hear from Kane’s shouting; it is a good place to rest and it carves the path that will get us out of this city.
I asked where we were and the answer came from William who stated that we were in Boombridge Train Station. He also stated that it would be best not to get stuck here after dark, although he also noted that we may not have to worry due to the fact that the area has been depopulated by the swarm of military trained madmen. This caused two girls who were members of the drama club in the college; Lorena and Anne, to make note of the fact that the only time the group saw members of the Republican Organisation was when they were being shot at back at Phoenix Park. “The IRA might make itself out to be a strong organisation, but its numbers along with its resources dumb down that image that they paint of themselves”.  This led to a number of people from our group making the suggestion that we move south, using the railroad tracks as a means to get to a suitable Southern location that forms a large divide between us and the IRA. “You’re crazy, Said Susan. “We can’t just walk on the railroad tracks and just hope that a train doesn’t just swing by and run us over and I think there are better ways of getting down to the south rather than just putting ourselves on death road. Kane chuckled somewhat and brought Susan’s attention to the fact that the rails are closed now, following a large scale mudslide that ensued following the July 18th rainstorm that was followed by days of thundery showers and thus with all the rail lines closed it is possible to go south without having to worry about any accidents related to the large couriers. Before we discussed our next step Kane approached me and observed my state, asking if I would like a drink of water, to which I answered with “yes” which prompted Kane to get one of the few drinks from the small shop in the train station which had been looted. I look to my right and I see William looking out one of the windows of the train station at the street with no occupants. My gaze changed as Kane gives me a bottle of water that I gulp down like a student at the school sprinkler following a heavy game of soccer during Physical Education. The bottle was about half empty by the time I had finished drinking. The amount of water I consumed may have been too much, but it did provide some relief from the feeling of one’s limbs being worn out.
“Nile”, Kane addressed me. “If you can walk, then I believe we must get out of here quickly for we don’t know who could walk in and it would be best if we made our way south before looters or IRA members enter here”. I was somewhat exhausted, but I still had enough energy to walk and so, breathing steadily, I walked toward the group as we all stood in the foyer of the dimly lit train station with mould growing at certain sections along with faint paintings of puddles placed on the ceiling, the paint still wet as it drips onto the floor, forming a more detailed version of the original. The turnstiles appear to block our passage towards the train tracks, but with civilisation smothered out of existence, such an issue is not a problem, however before we embarked on our walk through the train tracks there was a discussion with regards where we were going. Kane stated that he was able to salvage some food and water from a number of the small shops in the train station which provided some nourishment for the journey south. Carl, one of my partners for a group project, suggested that we go to Arklow for it was considerably far from Dublin and his sister lived there and he was worried for her safety. We were just about to discuss Carl’s suggestion in more detail; however William said he saw a figure on the street, meaning that it was time to go, Kane signalling everyone to follow him, stating that we can discuss our next step on the way.
We then hopped over the turnstiles and headed for Platform one which would bring us on a clear, linear path south, toward a suitable town. We walked, southbound on the desolate tracks that were once turbulent with metal centipedes transporting several thousand people a day from one station to the other. I used to take the trains quite frequently, but with the closure of the tracks during the summer, I was forced to rent accommodation that was based on the campus of UCD for bus transport just wasn’t feasible and I held a strong negative opinion of the utilisation of buses for Public Transport as I felt they provided little comfort and all the times I have sat within the bus have been filled with feelings of nausea, discomfort and frequent sweating which increased the severity of the nausea. I numb my hearing for the time being as the group discusses the prospects of heading to Arklow town, to look over the vast roofs that form the cityscape; apartments, building complexes and various stadiums with architecture that was once thought impossible, form the urban landscape that invokes relaxation when one looks upon it whilst travelling on the mode of transport that is bound to reaching a certain location, stopping for nothing. However, the sight of smoke from the flames sparked by riots and fanned by military assault on the city. The faint explosions, gunshots and sirens along with the smoke that can be seen dulls the serene cityscape along with the atmosphere it once created. It is sobering to know that behind the canvas of roofs, buildings and stadiums, lies Death’s Triumph, a plague that is slowly spreading outward to destroy everything in its path. Eventually the cityscape that can be viewed from the metal bars that the train is bound to, will be reduced to debris.
I focus my attention on the group again as William pulls me in by asking if I thought it was a good idea to go to Arklow town and I gave him my general opinion of the town itself from my own experience of it which was that it was a thriving port town prior to the Economic Crisis and even more so prior to the chaos this summer and although it has probably been reduced to nothing by now, the fact that the IRA has only partially taken Dublin and thus by going to Arklow we had little to nothing to fear from them and the only problem we would face would likely be the occasional looter for I have known Arklow for its nature as a community and the majority of people living there do care about each other. I also notated the importance of getting to Carl’s sister. I then followed that statement by asking William if he thought going to Arklow was a good idea and he was for the idea, but he felt that “we should just go to Bray instead for it was a city with a port that is within distance and seeing as the IRA hasn’t ravaged it yet, we were in a good position to perhaps take one of the boats in Bray and escape this unstable island once and for all”. Peter, youngest of the group who was somewhat nervous and was notorious for being a pessimist at times, stated that “a boat would not be feasible for the rest of the world is in the same state as Ireland now that the world’s food supply has taken a nosedive”. I marked my agreement with Peter, stating that if the image the media has been painting of the food supply available is true, then leaving would just put us in a different country. However I notated that I was sceptical about the boat not being feasible for it would allow us to escape the IRA. Susan cracked a joke about my idea of using a boat for the purpose of escape; “oh yeah, because even though by the time we get the boat moving when Arklow is in the cusps of the IRA’s irrational chaos, those participating in the chaos certainly won’t be able to catch us or damage the boat, even though boats tend to move at a low speed” which made William and two others chuckle, before Susan got serious and stated, “by the time we know it is time to escape this doomed island, the town will be in ruin and even when we get the boat moving, the IRA’s arms and bombs will ensure that we never conform the state of the other countries with regards food, supplies and societal stability”. I quickly retracted my point about the boat’s usability as a mode of transport. When we were approaching Bray, Kane stopped us. I asked if we were approaching the site of the mudslide, but my question that was invoked by curiosity was ignored as Kane reached into his backpack, taking out a number of small snacks that one would buy at their local newsagents, these snacks including; crisps and chocolate bars of varying brands. These snacks were handed out to everybody and before we started eating, Kane asked if we had confirmed where we were going and the answer from everyone was a yes which set our destination to the small port town named Arklow.
As we crossed the tracks that led into Bray I looked out to the east coast where a rain curtain sourced from today’s storm in Dublin, obscured the view of anything approximately five feet away from the train tracks. As I look out, Brenda, youngest female of the group who was studying UCD’s English course, and Tom, Brenda’s boyfriend who was a year older, he also studied English in UCD, but he got into UCD through the backdoor route as he flunked the Leaving Cert, conversed about the view, wondering if Britain is also in the same state as Ireland; covered in drowned soils that are not arable with their agriculture crashing down alongside the lives that they have grown accustomed to, since the cradle. Peter pointed out in a joking manner that there was probably an Eastern Western divide between the state of the soil in Britain in the sense that from the west to the midlands, the country is drowned, but the Eastern and South-Eastern areas were probably deserts. I found his opinion agreeable, especially at this stage with the weather becoming chaotic as the global weather is like a typical Irish day with the general climate having trouble deciding what weather regime to stick to. When we reach the train station in Bray, Kane notifies everyone that we are coming up to the aftermath of the mudslide that practically covers the whole track from Bray to Wicklow Town. “Well that’s just great” Susan said with a sigh following her statement and then she questioned how we were supposed to get to Arklow safely. An optimistic air then flowed around the group as Kane encouragingly said that “as long as we’re careful, there is little to no risk of any incident occurring”. However despite Kane’s optimism, the general tone of the people’s voice as they said “ok” wavered as some people were nervous about the crossing and teeth being scraped off of each other could be heard from my left as people’s minds paint pictures of extreme difficulty with walking across the decimated tracks to come with unstable ground that could flow right down, bringing us into the sea, further mudslides that could push us off or encompass the group in soil oversaturated from the unrelenting monsoons and difficult footing that threatened to send anyone falling down the large cliff from the Bray to Greystonnes portion. Certain fears were confirmed as we were granted a sobering sight with the tracks covered completely in the light brown material from the loose land mass. It is almost comical how all this happened, when prior to the storms that brought this destruction, people thought that these train tracks were safe as the hills were locked in place by the wire nets, but it seems that after July 18th, gravity’s power to bring everything down was strong enough to force the rain bloated soil to crash through the wire netting, covering the train tracks and creating a long expanse of soil. “We’re not going to get through this” Peter said and it was this statement that invoked some anger within Kane as he faced Peter and said; “it may not look manageable, but we have to at least try to get through here as there is no other way of heading to Arklow that is as clear cut as taking the tracks” “Just think of it as walking through a shallow bog” Kane concluded, trying to be somewhat friendly so that he can put Peter’s mind at rest as it comes up with multiple implications for how the body it inhabits can be destroyed.
The muck was quite saturated and walking through it was just how Kane had described it, a shallow bog. The footing proved to be quite difficult as the energy required to get across through walking was probably about the equivalent of the amount of energy used up in the escape from UCD. The minor splashes as our feet depress themselves right into the muck are the only sounds we hear, along with the groaning of another as their foot rests in the muck, unwilling to emerge from it regardless of the amount of strength used. As we near Greystonnes the light of the sun begins to decline as we descend into the evening which would eventually turn to night as the day comes to a close. Kane signalled for everyone to increase their pace as it was not really possible for us to cross these tracks during the night as the dark night would encompass everything, without a star in sight as forecasters predict another rainstorm to come and that would turn this stagnant bog into a mobile waterfall containing material formerly kept stable within a wire net, whose former pattern that was painted on the various hills can be seen as metal, snapped and broken like fishing nets under extreme pressure from fishes escaping from their grasp, lies submerged in the mud, only revealing itself when curious eyes scan the muck.
We pass the train station in Greystonnes and head toward Wicklow and the footing improves somewhat as the depth of the boggy path and the expanse of is halved which plays well for the speed at which we seek to walk at, especially with the approach of another band of rain. We are now prompted to get to Arklow as fast as we can at this point as our feet are saturated with brown liquids from trekking the post July 18th tracks and with our feet saturated, more water would only risk making us sick and we don’t have the medicinal privilege of those who work in the field of prescribing medicine, especially now when civilisation has crashed and a large amount of the medicine available has probably been looted. As we pass by Wicklow’s train station we notice an overturned van on the tracks. It was a large cubical van which had been badly damaged by a certain accident that brought it down to these train tracks, the wheels were badly damaged as noticeable tears could be seen and two of the front wheels were missing and there was an expanse of dents on the van itself. It was a strange sight in the opinion of our little group and we had become curious about it as one of the doors as lying on the ground a few feet away from the van itself and the other door was barely hanging off the hinge that secured it to the van. The van was also badly rusted, making it brittle and vulnerable to a single touch and this vulnerability showed itself when Kane had fiddled around with the door that was hanging off the hinge and the door just broke off without Kane putting much pressure on it. Kane then put the door down and peaked inside the van and froze for a period of time. Members of the group were worried about Kane and wondered what was wrong and when he eventually turned around the face us, his face wore the mask of fear with a pale face, wide eyes and a motionless mouth. Kane had told us to gather around the van and see what he’d found and what was within the van was most shocking indeed as the back of it contained weapons and ammunition, similar to those that were being carried by the Republicans, although this van was stocked lightly with only three handguns and a solitary rifle with the ammunition consisting of five clips for the handguns. We looked at the van for a while and after the long silence, Brenda finally suggested that we move on and forget about the weapons. Kane however ignored her request of leaving the weapons within the van and he took one of the voices of death along with all the clips in the van, the handguns were empty. He also took the rifle with him and hung it over his shoulder. Some protested against Kane taking the weapons and he stated that he hoped that he would not have to use them, but it is better to be armed because as he again points out that survival nowadays is down to whoever is armed the best, not who has got the brains. “We cannot use the extremes of brain or brawn, we must find the middle ground in those areas, arming ourselves so we can act in defence against anyone that attacks us along with using our intelligence to plan ahead of things and to try to avoid conflict”, Kane said holding the handgun and presenting it to the group and everyone reluctantly agreed with him and we continued on, although before everyone set off to Arklow, William waited for a while and when I looked back I saw him retrieve the other four handguns from the van, not that they were any use seeing as they lacked ammo, but upon being asked why he took them he pointed out that we would all need to use these at some point. He was right about the guns and Kane was right about arming ourselves, in a world like today’s where men violently attack each other, those they consider weak and those they consider to be suitable targets that might hold the very item that brings them and all the humans and creatures that inhabit this world, nourishment.
We had finally made the final steps towards Arklow and upon arriving at the train station we heard no movement, saw no figures and witnessed a scene of chaos as the metallic bridge that people would normally take to get to the other side of the station has collapsed, the stress marks that can be seen from the metallic pieces that formerly held it up show that it was a combination of wear and tear along with the wind from the July 18th rainstorm that caused the  supports for the bridge to snap, leaving it to fall and rush along with the ruin of the various trees, blackened by the flames that commenced with the start of an unknown battle that had taken place and fanned by the events that took place during that battle as the scene of a wildfire presents itself from the rows of trees with their charred leaves. The windows of the office that one would normally disperse tickets to allow for people to utilise the trains were broken, the entrance to the train station itself, along with part of the wall has been weathered by human conflict, a sick form of mechanical weathering. As we make our way out of the train station we see the desolate remains of Arklow with riot gear littered on the streets, windows of houses broken, visual blast damage done to the houses, smoke sourced from a number of locations and graffiti depicting the end of the world painted on the surfaces of the walls of a destroyed small town. It was depressing to look at, but this depression soon turned to fear and anxiety as a number of men, five of them approach us, their attire similar to that of social degenerates as they wear tattered tracksuits, stained with soot and muck, their jackets dotted with holes with two of the men having Jackets with their sleeves ripped off and their faces were covered with soot and dirt giving them the appearance of men that neglected to shower or bathe from the age of thirteen to this present day. Peter was close to panicking when the men were closing in on us and I walked over towards him for the purpose of reassuring him because if anyone from the group panics and runs off, they could be leaving themselves open to the dangers of a ruined small town. The men then greeted us in a mocking manner, commencing a small laugh as they continue to address us. “Ye wouldn’t have anythin to eat would ya?”, said the centre man of the group of five. Everyone was shaking, rivers that were running down our backs had frozen and the hearts were racing, as though they were seeking to escape the body that would not listen to its demands to run from these men. However Kane managed to piece himself together and told them that we had no food and he requested that they leave the group alone. However the men didn’t heed Kane’s request and they simply laughed before turning changing their tone of voice to something more threatening whilst accusing Kane of lying to them, referring to him as selfish, declining those that needed food of that basic form of nourishment along with threatening us with violent action should we fail to give them anything. However it should be noted that the only real food that we had was the snacks and we ate them while we were on the train tracks on our way to Arklow.
Tension rose as the men walked closer to us and the first one to panic was William who drew one of the empty side arms that were found in the overturned van that had fallen victim to the severe wind and rain on July 18th. Susan let out a gasp and looked upon William with an expression of anger. She had something to say when he had taken out the gun, but it seemed to have been lost and thus she just stood there, looking at him with shock and anger. Kane was the first to protest against this. “What are you doing you fool” Kane exclaimed. “Who are you callin’ the fool when you’re the one holdin the rifle on your shoulder” the burly thug said. “Back off or I swear I’ll shoot” said William. “You won’t do it little man, I know your type all too well, you’re just a bunch of students who’ve never known real violence aside from what you see on the telly or on your precious little video games”, the thug said again, approaching William, leaving the other four behind. Kane however stood in his way, telling him to back off and leave the group alone. Unfortunately the soot covered thug pushed him aside saying “ah what are you gonna do, shoot me with that big rifle of yours?” “Now why don’t you put that gun away little man or I’m gonna have to hurt you, otherwise if you do what I say, I’ll be a little kind when me and my friends here give you lads a beating until you give us the food that you have” the thug said as he threatened William who had a firm grasp of the gun which was bad for one could only see William pulling the trigger and nothing happening as the gun wasn’t even loaded. My fears had come true too as William looked at the man standing over him, wide eyed and without thought there was a click coming from the gun. This event frightened Kane the most as he looked at William who was practically staring at death’s door as it partially opens, only a brief gust from these thugs will push him right through it, but suddenly in a move of complete desperation for William, Susan ran in and attacked the thug who quickly recovered and grabbed her and from his coat pocket he pulled out a knife and readied it to stab her while the other men ran in towards us. Everyone froze as the men approached us, running, but what froze everyone in the area was Kane’s reaction to this moment as he pulled out the loaded gun from his inventory and pulled the trigger which sent a bullet flying in the direction of a downed electrical pole across the street. The route the bullet took was through the thugs head and with that event he dropped down and his movement and force ceased. He was nothing more than a doll at this point, a few seconds ago he was a confident man who was going to violently bring a young girl’s life to an end, but now he was nothing more than a rotting corpse lying on the ground, his personality disappears all together. With the man dead everyone froze as Kane performs, what might have been an act of throwing away one’s humanity and from that moment the other men run away.
Following the death of the thug Susan rushes over to Kane after briefly giving William a look. She asked if Kane was all right as he just stared out into space in complete shock as to what he had done. Everyone else, including me, just looked at who was just continuously looked at the body of the thug, whose life he diminished with one foul pull of the trigger. Susan tried to comfort Kane further by stating that he did the right thing that if he hadn’t killed that man, she would be as good as dead. William agreed with Susan, who still looked at William with disdain. Lorena, Anna, Carl, Tom, Brenda and I also leaped in with agreement stating that the thug would be forgotten anyway for he was worthless then and he is beyond worthless now. Kane continued to look down at the motionless corpse as though he had castrated his own flesh and blood and it was a long time before he eventually recovered from the mental block that formed following the act. He then turned his head to face Susan who had a sympathetic gaze and was trying to utilise that gaze so that Kane would realise that from her point of view, he had done nothing wrong. Kane stared at Susan for a while, but suddenly he walked over to William and scolded him, confiscating the ammo depleted gun that William had used in an attempt to intimidate the five men, particularly the one that Kane had put into a dreamless coma, that he would never wake up from, even if his body willed it, with the puppeteer out of the picture, the puppet will just lie there for as long as this spherical rock remains within the group of other spheres that travel around the central core. Anne fixed her gaze upon the eternally inactive puppet, studying it before broadcasting a set of words at a volume and pointed in a direction that would only allow Lorena to catch wind as to what Anne was saying. I was going to ask out of curiosity, but I was suddenly cut off by Kane who continued to walk, remaining silent.
We remained static for a while, but we eventually began to walk at a slow pace, increasing it for the purpose of remaining close to our knowledgeable Lecturer, our protector. Arklow bared a strange tranquillity, similar to that of Phoenix Park, but there was a critical difference; the only chaos was the visual damage that a large number of the suburban houses have accumulated with deep cracks with leads running along the stone that symbolises the physical appearance of a number of the houses, windows either bashed in like thin ice when sufficient weight is applied to it or it wears the armour that is formed from the corpses of the proud wooden defenders that hold the soils that populate the slopes, together, doors broken down with certain doors partially broken down with the parts that remain seemingly stretched around the edges from the force pushing them inwards, and the riot gear and other objects that littered the streets, giving signs of an ancient battle that took place between pedestrians drugged by hunger and the eventuation of their comfortable lives reaching a conclusion, and the official government run force whose purpose was to act as the opium that would destroy the bacteria that create the turbulence and the chaos, bringing about a partial restoration to peace. Now what lays here now is a bleak reminder of a world where the bacteria has evolved into a powerful virus that can overpower the opiates generated by the powers to ensure that the members of a society that is slowly crumbling around them, do not enact the intentions that they arouse against the government. The litter of the equipment used by these men to ensure peace in this area shows that the government has lost, however there is hope that the riot has already passed and there are little reason to be alert, but there was plenty of reason to at least keep an eye out for anything that might strike us from any of the corners of the desolate town, especially with the darkness that was falling over us with a dark mass forming in the sky, almost completely enveloping the sun. “Does anyone have a watch?”  Kane asked as the vapour infested day was closing to bring about the beginning of the muggy night. “From my phone it is 20:00, I think we should find some shelter for we can’t be out in the open like this, especially in the upcoming storm and in the night”, exclaimed Peter who kept his eye on the approaching mass that had fully consumed the sun and continued its progress towards this town, generating an alternate thick wall of darkness over the more lightly coloured portion of its mass. The lights that unveil the curtain of darkness that regularly appears begin to illuminate with full strength. “I wouldn’t worry too much Peter” William said. “It is most likely just a passing shower, so even if we were caught in the wall of water generated by the cumulous cloud, we wouldn’t be under it for long” William explained further with great confidence. Susan sighed a little and Kane turned to William, bringing the wondering group to a halt.
Carl did not want to stop at this point as he was also keeping a close eye on the advancing front, just like Peter and thus Carl questioned the group’s stagnation in the middle of Connolly Street along with stating that his sister lives up in the Vale Road area, near two Boy’s Schools, this proved to be a resolve that was defeated before it even started as Kane said; “hold on for a second Carl”, before speaking to William; “now I wouldn’t retain that smug attitude if I was you William, especially after what you pulled earlier, not only by pulling this handgun on those men back there which could have gotten one of us killed, but by taking these weapons in the first place”, “I understand that you may have been trying to help with the situation, but this is not the time for someone to try their hand at being smart and suddenly and irrationally pretending to be the man who has the loaded sidearm because we are not Isaac’s group who decided to run off and try to defeat the IRA and we are certainly not here to randomly pick fights with other people, so think about what you are doing in the future and do not even think about pulling one of these stunts again because I do not want to force myself to end another man’s life again”. William looked hurt and his eyes shifted with the shadow of his eyelids obscuring the twisted field that formed his eyes. He eventually gave his apologies to Kane who accepted them like a gift, turning his head swiftly with some force and told everyone to follow him along with ordering Carl to the front so that he could guide us to his preferable destination, however the group’s pace slowed as Anne and Lorena brought up their combined opinions as to where we were going which was started by Anne who said; “If I may play the part of Peter, I am not confident in the resilience of your sister amidst all this chaos” with Lorena advancing on this opinion by saying; “Even if she was alive, she certainly wouldn’t be in her original home, especially with half of the windows of the houses around us broken and the condition like that of the many factories down at the Northern Beach of this town”. Carl reduced the space between both of his eyebrows along with steepening their angle before telling the twins to silence their pessimism and demanded a solution that was adequate from their solution, but he silenced them when they were about to give their opinion as to what would be a suitable course of action to take. Kane then put his hand on Carl’s shoulder and tightened his grip before telling Carl to settle the deep emotional cyclone that had begun as his mind. Carl just looks down, not replying to Kane’s request, instead he recedes into his own imagination, shivering as the cyclone worsens, generating biblical implications as to what could be happening to his sister that are only known to him.
The translucent veil approaches us as an uptick in the strength of the gusts ensues. Tiny droplets forced from the veil by the wind make contact with our bodies, already soaked from the rain of liquid and bullets. “Well we either find shelter now or we head straight to Carl’s Sister’s house” said Susan as she saw the urgency of our situation which was not just the personal disadvantages of getting caught in a downpour of the frail carbonic acid, but also the ailments caused by the prolonged cloudburst in Dublin could extrapolate should we lend ourselves to the oncoming downpour of liquid droplets that drown the creatures that dwell within the dirt. “Well then let’s hurry”, I said as the large mass continues on its path towards us, hoping to engulf us in its precipitation curtain. So we increased our pace through the partially lit streets whilst under attack by tiny droplets, the amount increasing from the occasional fall to a periodic drip, the time in between each drop becoming less and less, the dark curtain almost engulfing us in the torrent that the large mass had equipped.  We were halfway across the roof of the tunnel known as the “Nabbey Bridge” and with the rain rate continuously increasing, Susan demanded that we increase our pace to a run and find some form of shelter, however Susan’s demands were not satisfactory in Carl’s eyes and he shouted’ “No way, we’ve got to get to Anna’s house, we’ve got to find my sister, her house will provide shelter and I will know that she is ok”. The group stopped and Kane was obviously annoyed as he sighed and lowered his head such that it faced the ground. He turned around and tried to deliver his opinion which favoured Susan’s demands as sympathetically as possible, but Carl was not willing to accept Kane’s opinion and Lorena stated that the group can search for Carl’s sister, Anna, in the morning, but Carl persisted with his demands, adding that he believes that his sister could be dead by the following morning and this seemed to cause a chain of events to ensue as the sky flashed with strange patterns giving the appearance of the sky ripping itself apart and with the familiar destructive sound that followed, Susan unleashed a wave of anger upon Carl, belittling and denouncing him and stating that this discussion and his suggestion that the whole group head over to Anna’s house is an absolute waste of time and that if he is so valiant about going to see his sister then he is welcome to do so, on his own.
I searched the far reaches of my mind for some sort of response that I could give, some form of input that I could put into this discussion, but there was nothing that I could say that hasn’t already been said by everyone else and following Susan’s attack on Carl, all of the information that I tried to piece together to deliver a statement that would move the discussion forward suddenly fell apart and seemingly joined the droplets on the melancholy crust. The rain was now beating down upon us, the moisture from the sky added to the cold, damp and extremely wet conditions of our clothing, the longer we remained outside, the higher the chances of a member of the group catching a cold or some other disease that was quite detrimental and while Susan and Kane would have liked to get a move on and reduce the probability of getting something from the cold water that relentlessly pounded the group, Peter said; “Your sister is probably dead Carl, there is no point in going to her house at this point, let’s just go”. This statement brought about a whirlwind of emotion within Carl which pushed his body to just suddenly tense up his fist and land, like a comet to a planet, force it to collide with Peter, landing it on his face. “Carl stop, we don’t have time for you and your tantrums, we’ve got to move now”, Kane said as he suddenly rushes in front of Peter to prevent Carl from causing any more physical damage. “You know what”? Carl questioned before he continues on, “Fuck you guys fuck all of you, I’m going to look for my sister because I can at least spare some time in the rain for her, unlike you bastards”. I finally managed to chime in through trying to convince Carl to stay, but before I can even form a structured sentence, William interrupted by saying; “Leave him to his suicide mission Nile”, with Susan acknowledging that she agrees with him. With another flash and another deafening invisible explosion Kane signalled for the group to follow him and while the majority acknowledged his command, Lorena and Anne stayed behind and once I looked back at them upon noticing their absence with the group I noticed them departing from Carl who looked down at the ground before suddenly bringing his face forward and beginning to walk, determined to find his younger sister.
The rain continued to fall heavily, forming puddles in an extremely short period of time. The lighting and the thunder accompanied the thundery cloudburst. When we were nearing the houses during our sprint, I would personally be surprised to hear one’s voice while outside as everything would be overshadowed with the sound of gushing water and explosive sounds that were the equivalent of one hundred tonnes of dynamite going off at once. Trying to keep sight of everyone while I use up my energy sprinting through the walls of water that hide my group from me, bringing about great difficulty as my clothes act like rags that weigh me down as they become heavy with the relentless rain. It was a relief to finally have a roof under myself as there was nothing that could act as a major hindrance to my sense of sight and hearing, however the darkness of the interior of the house made it difficult to see as the boarded up windows prevent the light from entering the house. “Maybe we can take down the boards and allow more light to enter some of these rooms”, suggested William who was quickly scolded by Kane who demanded that William quieten down as the residence of the household we have decided to take shelter in might not have left yet. Anne suggested that we look around the house before we make a decision with regards resting and Susan agreed with her and whispered; “we should be cautious, the residents of this house are not likely to be here, but some looter or multiple looters are more than likely to be holding up here, especially since the front door of the house is missing”. I agreed with Susan with regards the caution and thus the group split up to wonder throughout the house and hope that they do not find any of the people that might have attempted to or are currently using the structure that we are presently within as a form of accommodation. The sound of a waterfall bearing down atop this structure and the explosions outside increased the pumping of my heart as it tries to drive excess energy throughout my body for an undetermined upcoming threat to my life and despite the feeling of reassurance of friendly feet colliding with the ground around the house, there was a small uncertainty in my mind as to who was walking around near me for it could have been one of the looters who bashed through the front door to take this house from the former residence who inhabited this place or just to rob the residence of whatever supplies they happened to keep in their inventory. Feeling my way throughout the house was also quite difficult as I check the upstairs area, constantly holding my hands out in hope of them making contact with a wall, getting a sudden fright whenever I find myself almost falling into an abyss which is nothing more than a doorway into another room.  The brief flashes of lightening did nothing to keep the place lit well and the street lights periodically dying out also created problems with regards sight and thus it was up to memory and one’s ability to feel their way through the various hallways and rooms that allowed us to traverse the house. “I’m so fricken cold”, said a voice that was sourced from the lower levels of the house as the temperatures of our bodies begin to drop as we wonder the house soaked to the skin like stray dogs in the new regime of Irish Summer Weather.
As I begin to feel my way to what seems to be the final room of the second floor of the two story red bricked house, a panicked wail emanates from the room that is directly below me and that scream is followed by a thud. This set off a panic in my own system as my blood races throughout my body exceeding the speed of the bloated droplets that dance on the roof. My mind wants me to race downstairs and investigate the sound, but my heart forces my body to the nearest wall and quickly forms some kind of web that keeps me attached to the wall. The scream that was sourced from downstairs could have been anything and the various thoughts that race through my mind causing my body to shake uncontrollably, bringing about a frailty throughout my limbs and causing me to rapidly inhale and exhale, trying to push out the increasing pressure that was growing in size within my heart. The thoughts, the rain, the thunder and the sound of footsteps moving up the stairs increases the frailty, the heart rate and the creation of a shadow that forms from the sounds of the footsteps, it is coming for me, it must be the looter who has taken up residence in the house, he killed everyone downstairs and now I am the last intruder he has to take care off. There is nothing that I can do now for the only direction I seem to go in is to the wall, backing up continuously as though there is a chance that I might go through the wall and escape the unknown figure, but that is just a fantasy. The footsteps only a few metres away from me seem to cause my mind to paint an image of a man who is of a higher height and weight in comparison to myself, his head lacking hair and his clothes being fully black with the only discolouration being tints of red that are found at various points of his hole infested top. As the man gets closer, the image that my mind paints appears to grow in severity as the rain rate increases, but the lightening dies and the man gets close, his eyes locked upon me. There is nowhere for me to run and so I just close my eyes and let the footsteps close in on me. I now die in a void, the last sound being whatever sick words this figure has to offer alongside the impetuous pulses of rain falls outside and just as I am about to accept my faith, a familiar female voice calls out to me. “Are you all right?”, the voice says which is unmistakably Susan’s voice who continues on to say; “Peter had a minor incident downstairs and tripped over a set of boards which of course scared everyone who was searching the house”.  I told Susan that I was relieved to hear her voice along with stating that there was no one upstairs to which she stated that downstairs was also clear and that everyone was now taking down the boards and upon hearing the news I told Susan to go downstairs and give Kane the news that there was nothing upstairs and once she left I proceeded to take down the boards and although the rain was still heavy, the streetlights were working again as the thunder and lightning halted. Pulling the boards off the windows, I heard another set of footsteps which were sourced from the stairs and although the lights outside were dim and barely lit the room I was in, they were enough to show that the person who was on their way to see me was one Lorena. “William found some towels in a press downstairs, before you go any further with taking down those boards, I would advise you to dry yourself so your body isn’t attacked by some sort of bacteria and so your body temperature doesn’t drop to a critical low”. I thanked her for being considerate and before she left she stated that alongside the towel was a set of dry clothes that were sourced from the press where the towel was found. However I disregarded Lorena’s advice to dry myself up before taking down the boards as I wanted to take care of the boards as soon as possible so I can wonder through the rooms calmly and having the benefit of sight or at least partial sight as the lights were rather dim. As I looked at the still orange light that barely illuminated the room, my mind projected memories of different colours joining in alongside the orange as different men and women would drive by in their automobiles to or from their destinations. A solemn feeling forms throughout my mind and heart as the colour remains static now with just the same orange that only held the black shadow that was formed from the frames of the window that blocked the light from entering the room.
Once I was finished and on my way to dry myself and put on the new clothes I overheard a muffled conversation that seemed to be going on between three members of the group downstairs. It was difficult to determine what words were coming from those that were partaking in the conversation, but it was easy to detect various emotions in the muffled voices which was that of anger, fear and anguish and as I dressed myself in the dry clothes I speculated that Kane was most likely talking to Peter about the incident and was probably telling him to be more careful and perhaps Kane might have included Carl in his discussion as the chances of him surviving the night were slim and he most likely dreaded seeing the corpse of a young man just lying motionless on the road, just like the man he put a bullet into. Once I was done the conversation was ongoing and more people joined in and thus, aided by the dim light and putting my hand out to touch a wall or the railing that would allow me to go down the stairs without incident, I decided to confirm my suspicions with regards the topic of the conversation that was going on downstairs. Upon my arrival I got the usual greeting from fellow members of the group and Kane tries to speak, trying to structure his sentence properly as he was thrown off track somewhat by my arrival. “The best we can do now is to try to get some rest here and hopefully we can look for Carl tomorrow” Kane said. It was Kane’s statement that aided my initial interpretation of the conversation and I stated that I agreed with Kane and I asked if we would head to Anna’s house to see if Carl went to that house to look for his sister, but just as Kane was about to answer my question, Peter interrupted by saying; “I think it’s safe to say that Carl will be lying on the road as good as dead by tomorrow morning”. Anne then voiced her disagreement with Peter’s claim:  “How dare you make such implications Peter”, with Lorena adding to Anne’s opinion: “The plain fact that we practically abandoned Carl by letting him embark on this suicide mission makes us no better than the martial fools who have brought about the destruction of our beautiful city” and William concludes Lorena and Anne’s argument by saying; “Yeah, I should have lent a hand in Nile’s attempt to persuade Carl to stay with us, but instead I practically pushed Carl to basically put the gun to his head and pull the trigger, so rather than dwelling in shame, how about we try to find our good friend”? Peter began to frown as the majority seemed to oppose him and before resting, Kane gave a statement with regards tonight and our plans for tomorrow; “Alright guys, I want to let you know that various people here have to keep an eye on this door to ensure that nobody enters the house and attacks us while we sleep, so if you see anyone, wake me up and I will take care of it, and with regards tomorrow, well we will talk about it and we will confirm what we plan to do. He finished his small lecture by telling the group to rest easy and try to get enough sleep for tomorrow, for tomorrow would be the first day in which we explore a world, where civilisation is no longer existent and certain threats dwell in every corner of every street in every city of this once hospitable globe. I close my eyes and my entry into a dream has commenced. I do not know when I will wake up, but I hope to at least enjoy the positive visions derived from the joys of the Summer Holidays, rather than endure the nightmares that were drawn from the events of today, the end of the lively season of summer, the beginning of the Lifeless Autumn.